Tips and tricks for finding smart parking solutions

22 September 2021
Mohammad Dadkhah

For many motorists, finding parking in the cities can be a difficult and complicated task. Lots of people in many cars, cramped spaces, crowded traffic, and parking lots – yes, the list is long. How to make a good parking solution? Where to find good parking? Should it cost something and how much? Most of us hate the chaos that can come with finding parking spaces around cities, but fortunately, there are also good parking solutions.

Parking garages and parking basements

The first, largest, and most expensive option is parking garages. These are large buildings on large plots and are often built centrally and on many floors. It, therefore, requires a lot of knowledge and large capital to start such a project. They are often made in connection with large shops, magazines, arenas, centers, or other places where there is a great need for parking spaces for many people.

It also requires the right program and system for payment and administration when customers come rolling in for one’s parking solution. An obvious company to solve this is smart parking solutions, which simply scan the cars’ number plate with two cameras so that it becomes easy for the parking garage to know who is coming in and out. It also makes it much easier for motorists, as for some people, using a parking garage can be an intimidating and confusing experience. We know almost all stories about people who have created queues on the way in or out because they have not paid and have not had the opportunity to go back again.

The advantage of parking garages as motorists is that it is often very centrally located, there are many spaces, it is within and quite protected as well as safe. Just remember to drive carefully in the narrow aisles. The downsides can be that it feels intimidating and can be costly.

Outdoor parking spaces

Another option is outdoor parking solutions. These are the parking lots many of us think of when we are looking for parking. These are often a little smaller, cheaper, and more manageable for consumers. It can also happen that you as a lucky driver can park there for free. The downside is the density of the seats. The ground area that the space fills often take up as much space as a parking garage or basement, but it is not opposite them on several levels. As a result, fewer cars can be held and the landlord earns less, and it can be more difficult for motorists to find space. The advantage as a provider, however, is that it requires significantly less start-up capital. 

To the clever

Finally, there are around many options for free parking. For example, along roads and side roads, especially residential roads. However, it requires that you are smart and patient as a motorist. There are much fewer seats and no guarantee. In addition, it requires some knowledge of the applicable parking rules, such as that one must not park too close to a bend or in front of a gate. In addition, you should also be aware that it often requires you to park some distance away from your destination.